Saturday, September 08, 2007

My 1st concert - Hi-5!

Love the singing and dancing but I get real impatient in between the talking parts. Mummy has to keep me entertained with toys and biscuits in between.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Ikea Table for me!!

Pooh Bear Bear...wat are you doing on my new table with my favourite book from my Uncle??

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Trip out on National Day

We set out during the evening to see the fireworks on National Day. Daddy says it will be a big jam, so we took a train to Raffles Place. Wah...there are so many people on the road! We had to walk and walk to get to a big field where there are many people waiting to see the fireworks.

Sitting on papa's shoulder to get a better view

Ahh...the fireworks are really loud and scary. So unlike the last one I saw during New Year from the hotel. The fireworks this round made me cry. Daddy and mummy took turns to cover my ears. Hmm...that sure helps me to enjoy the lighting effects better.

We had McDonalds after the fireworks viewing. Yummy! Then it's time for a stroll along Raffles Place to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Must remember to take some photos so that I won't forget such a memorable night

Hello? Who's that? I am busy taking photo on my mummy's phone. Pls call back later

Sunday, July 22, 2007

BBQ at my mummy's ex boss house

We went to a BBQ at my mummy's ex boss house. It was a really big and nice house. There are plenty of nice food too! Hmmm...and all I got is a piece of bread? Well, but I enjoyed it!

This is the way I brush myteeth (Part II)

Brushing my teeth with my new toothbrush. :-)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Fish Farm

Yipee! Both papa and mama on leave today to keep me company. Papa drove a long, long way to bring me to a fish farm at Choa Chu Kang. There are soooooooo many fishes to see. I was so excited that I plunged my hand into the fish tank. Oops….that got mummy screaming out loud. They held on to my hand and rushed off to find a toilet.

Hmm….I wonder what was their concern? I had absolutely no wish to put my fingers into my mouth. Yucks! Not with the fish water on my hand. Well but just to play along with mummy, I let her hold onto my hand on the trip to the wash basin.

Just when I was beginning to get sick of fish tanks, papa and mama brought me to the koi pond and introduced me to a packet of fish food. Ooooo…that was really fun. Whenever I throw the fish food in, the koi gets all excited and will fight and swim to get the food!

Alamak…blur blur mummy forgot to bring the camera and her handphone memory is too full to take many photos! How sad, else I will have a lot more photos to share with you so that you can see how much fun I had!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

One of my favorite toy

Me & one of my favourite toy...given my Wen-Li Auntie during my 1st birthday!

Finally figured out that climbing in between the track means I can reach the train no matter where it goes!